Final Stretch

Good morning!

My last Monday of being here in NYC, wow. This week I have a few final projects that I’ll be working on, along with saying my good-bye’s to the staff here at JDRF. Today, my supervisor invited Logan and I out to lunch, which is very generous of him. Last week, I said I still had some things to cross off my list to do here so that’s what my weekend consisted of.

Friday after taking my routine 2 subways back to my dorm, I changed out of my work clothes and went right back down to Brooklyn Heights where Logan lives. We found a good sushi restaurant just down the street from him to eat at. I do like seafood, but I’m still pretty picky about sushi. I got my childhood classic, udon noodles and a basic California roll. We then walked around the pier and explored the area some more.

Saturday I woke up early (about 10am), so I can catch up on a little sleep as always, but still get out early enough see the things I wanted. NYC is kind of famous for street art, or graffiti wall murals, so I had heard of this mural that was right on the way to my breakfast spot in SoHo. At the corner of Houston and Bowery (not like Houston, Texas, but pronounced Howstan) there’s this big wall which got it’s name after the crossroads, which is called the Bowery Wall. It’s filled with a tiled-mosaic type paintings of what seems to be old magazine covers, or posters and in the middle, covering some of the posters is this big, green, baby hulk type cartoon which is pretty cool I thought.


The week that I got here, when my family was here for the week, I had mentioned to my aunt that lives in NY that I wanted to try to find the real “NY bagel & lox sandwhich”, so that’s what I did. She told us about this market called, Russ & Daughters which my mom and I actually walked into when she was here, but we didn’t realize it was the same place. I got there at about 11:30am, thinking there would be a little line, like all bagel places on the weekends and oh, was I right. I grabbed a ticket from the counter, #42 and they had just called #20, so I had some time wait. While I was waiting, I was contemplating on which type of salmon to have on my bagel, because there was 8 different kinds!


Finally, my number was called and I ordered the Norwegian Salmon on an onion bagel, toasted, with cream cheese and onions, delicious!

From there, I’ve been wanting to check out Roosevelt Island, which is a narrow island in the East River in between the Upper East side of Manhattan and Long Island City on the other side/Brooklyn. What I wanted to do was ride the free tram that goes back and forth. I met up with Logan again at the station in the Upper East side and we got right on. It reminded me of a gondola lift that the mountains have out west, instead of chair lifts. It was a short ride, but we got to see some good views and it was pretty cool. Although, we didn’t think the island was too interesting, we just took a walk along the shoreline, saw the other half of the Queensboro Bridge and got back on the tram.

image6  image7

From there we stopped back at my place to grab my phone charger and my soccer cleats because there’s a big turf field down in Brooklyn Heights right on the pier that I’ve been wanting to play at. We were passing the ball for a bit until another group of little kids, that were probably not even 10 years old asked us if we wanted to play a game with them. So, we joined them and it was fun for a while. I’ve played soccer for basically all my life from kindergarten on recreational teams with my neighborhood friends, until I started on a club team, to travel and all that. It got to be a big commitment for myself and my family so I stopped in Sophomore year of high school, and just played for the school team. Then I switched schools and my new school didn’t have a high school team, so I didn’t have the chance to play as much, but I really do miss playing soccer and wish I could’ve stuck with it just a little more. These kids reminded me of myself when I was younger, because I was always the smaller kid on the team and I would be going against these bigger kids for the ball and this little kid was practically fearless. He was even doing cartwheels and back-flips after he scored which I even thought was pretty cool. Oh, and the view is amazing with the skyline right in front of us and boats going by, it’s a great spot.


Yesterday I got up early again, grabbed another bagel from a market down the street and went to central park for a while to ride my longboard and set up my hammock. I found these perfect pair of trees, in the shade, right off the bike path and posted up for a while. About a half hour later, a park security guy comes up to me on my hammock and said I had to take it down, because they’re not allowed on any of the trees in the park. I thought he was crazy, but I guess there are rules. I asked why and he replied “it’s a hazard to the trees and could be of danger to you and anyone surrounding”, so I respectfully packed up and left. I then got back to my dorm, did laundry for hopefully the final time here, got a few more groceries for the week and called it a day.

Right now I’m looking forward to this week ahead and wrapping up here in the office, so again thank you for following and stay tuned for the conclusion of my journey.. for now 😉



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