Last weekend in NYC

Happy Friday everyone!

My summer has come to its final weekend here in NYC. I know I say this every week, but I really can’t believe how fast my internship has gone by. This week I was keeping productive, helping other people in the office with many projects. JDRF’s biggest Ride to Cure is next weekend, in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. Many things had to be prepared so we can have a successful ride. Already, over 1 million dollars and counting have been raised from this ride alone! There are over 400 riders and that means 400 welcome packets had to be prepared with credentials, name tags, and what not. So, I spent most of the week helping to get those ready for this ride. I also have been on top of the daily documents I complete and have been assigned to find active, professional athletes with T1D who wear helmets in their sport, and are in an active season in November, for National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM). We want to raise awareness by creating stickers with some sort of logo, that stands for NDAM (not too many details yet) for the athletes to wear during their games for the month.

Outside of the office this week, I basically stuck to my routine of riding the subway back home right after work, some times grabbing a bite for dinner on the way or ordering delivery. I think I’ve found the best dollar slices of pizza in NYC, right across from my dorm and I’m always on the hunt to find a lobster roll. Last week I met up with a local photographer, his names Nick, he’s about a year older than I am and lives and goes to school in Brooklyn. He took me on a little tour of the city and snapped some shots on the way. Along with chasing rooftops all over the city, apparently it’s a big trend to sneak up to people and take their un-posed or candid picture on the street. We were walking around Chinatown doing this and some people tried to block their face with their hands quickly, while some other older gentlemen turned around and shook their behind at us. Most of these people didn’t even speak English so we got a few disturbed people yell at us in Chinese as we walked away. Here’s a good shot of a local, then me on a rooftop over-looking the Manhattan Bridge. As you can see, I really think Nick takes amazing photos.



Yesterday for lunch, in honor of us interns, we had a goodbye and thank you pizza party. I was under the impression it would just be us and our supervisors but almost all the staff was invited too. We enjoyed the pizza and salad while we were all conversing with everyone, telling them how our summer and internship experience has been. Erika, the intern in the IT department also put together a video of what diabetes really means to us and some helpful education about T1D. Also, Derek, the President & CEO asked each of us to say a few words about our time at JDRF. I was sitting at the head of the 40 person conference table right next to him, so he handed the microphone to me first. I didn’t have anything prepared but I stood up proud, and thanked everyone for joining me for lunch (everyone laughed). I said a few things that I’ve been working on and what I’ve learned and thank you to everyone for having us and my supervisor for all his help. I said how much I enjoyed my time working here while also enjoying my summer in NYC. I felt I really did a lot of important work this summer for JDRF and I emphasized how thankful I am to be here as well.

Meanwhile, this is my last weekend in the city and as my list is slowly being completed, I still do have a few more things I want to do here. I’ll save that for Monday because I’ve got to get to work so stay tuned! As always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your weekend, as I most certainly will too!



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