Week 10

As today is my second to last Monday of being in NYC I feel very pleased with my journey here thus far and I am ready to take full advantage of my last 2 weeks in the office. I have some projects to continue working on from last week and as some of the other interns are in their final work week, we were invited to a SWD good-bye and thank you pizza party on behalf of all the staff here at 26 Broadway on Thursday for lunch.

Last week, I had mentioned that I was taking the train up to Connecticut to visit my aunt and uncle, and join my uncle Pedro on his fishing boat Saturday. I also invited Logan to tag along because he’d mentioned to me that he loves to fish as well. So we started our trip from Grand Central Station, Friday after work to catch the train to Waterbury, Connecticut. Now I may have become pretty familiar with the subway in the city, but this had only been my second time taking the MTA Metro North train out of the city. We knew there was a transfer stop through Devon, but as we were approaching what we had thought to be our transfer station, there was no announcement or even a sign that said Devon on the train nor much of a warning of how to get to Waterbury from there. We missed the stop where we had to transfer, but it actually wasn’t too big of a deal because the train was heading to New Haven, Connecticut which was only about 30 minutes away from my aunt and uncle’s house, which was the original plan for them to pick us up at anyway. So we arrived at the New Haven Union-Station around 9pm and they picked us up from there. We stopped at a local ice-cream barn on the way home and got a chance to catch up about how our internships have been going so far. My aunt also has T1D, she was diagnosed in her college years and has been doing injections every since. When we arrived back at their house, we planned out our fishing expedition and rested up so we can be out of the house by 6am.

The marina where Pedro keeps his boat was back in New Haven so we stopped for breakfast sandwiches and at a local bait shop for worms and squid, then we we’re off to the ocean. By the time we got the poles, our lunch and everything down to the docks it was about 730am, which was a good start. We cruised out of the bay, under 3 bridges until we hit the “bunker spot”. Pedro said he wanted some more bait so he casted his lure into a school of fish and within 5 minutes he reeled in 4 bunkers for more bait.


From there, we went out further into the Long Island Sound to another spot. The water was pretty calm early in the morning and until it started to get more choppy as the wind picked up in just a few hours. After about an hour with nothing but nibbles at this spot, we re-located further south down the sound. I was the first to drop my line straight down and within minutes I pulled up a decent size sea-bass.


We were using worms still as bait and we all caught a few pogie’s until I decided to pull out the squid to see if I can attract some bigger fish. Just moments after I dropped my line down with half a small squid on the hook, I felt a huge bite and my pole was bending down at nearly a 45 degree angle. As I was reeling in and it got closer to the surface, I could see that I had a baby shark on the hook! Pedro was telling us that he had been catching sharks before, but I didn’t expect to catch any. Logan and I actually reeled in 2 sharks each and Pedro got 1, along with Logan’s 16-inch Fluke and more pogies in between.



As the tide was beginning to rise and the sun was getting hotter after about 3 1/2 hours at sea, it was time to head in. We were all pleased with the catches by then, especially because I haven’t been fishing out in the ocean since the last time I went on Pedro’s boat, which was probably 10 years ago. When we arrived back to the dock it was about 12pm and we had our lunch sandwiches as we talked with some of Pedro’s friends from the Marina. Then we packed up and headed back to their house, but he had mentioned to us there was a famous hot dog stand right on the way so we stopped for a quick hot-dog. Both my aunt and uncle have been teachers in Waterbury for a very long time, and the cashier at the hot dog stand recognized Pedro, (Mr. Montes) as he was her teacher for 3rd grade. As we left he was telling Logan and I in the car that he really enjoyed teaching for so many years and the fact that students remember him for so long and always come back to visit him is very rewarding. When we got back, I was exhausted so I actually took a short nap, before dinner. My grandma and grandpa also live in Waterbury, and since they have always lived in Connecticut I don’t get to see them very often, along with my other aunt. We picked them up for dinner and got a chance to talk at their home for a while, telling them about our fishing excursion early that morning, along with how our internships and NYC adventures have been treating us.

We went to a local favorite restaurant called Maggie McFly’s, which was a great meal. We had a good while to converse with my dad’s side of the family that I don’t get to see very often. The menu was huge, but I thought I’d stick with my favorite meal since I been here, a classic lobster roll of course. After dinner we said our goodbye’s and dropped off my grandparents back at their home.


From the left, aunt Harriet, Grandpa & Grandma

By the time we got back to their house, it was late and myself always trying to catch up on sleep I went right to bed while Pedro and Logan watched the end of the Met’s game. Sunday before departing from Waterbury train station, we stopped for breakfast at Pedro’s regular breakfast spot and then he dropped us off at the train station.

That was basically my weekend, as I enjoyed it very much as always. Now, its back to work for these next 2 weeks. I’m beginning to think about how I’m going to fit all my clothes and everything in my 2 suitcases, along with blankets, pillows, and more. I’ll probably find a box to ship back home this week in preparation for packing up. Although, stay tuned because my NYC journey isn’t over just yet!

As always, thank you for reading and enjoy your week!




  1. MaryBeth Casey · August 3, 2015

    I am so glad your mom emailed us and alerted me to your blog! I have loved reading your story and am so proud of you, what an awesome summer. Congratulations on your internship and have a great start to the school year when you come back! Don’t forget to visit sometime 🙂

    Ms. Casey


    • tylerkramer · August 4, 2015

      Thank you so much, Ms. Casey! I appreciate your interest and yes I will try my best to come visit when I am home!


  2. Pedro/ Aunt Michelle · August 4, 2015

    It was nice seeing and great pleasure hosting you and Logan . You are 2 young fine kids. Good luck to you in the future


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