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What do you know, it’s Monday once again. With only 2 more Monday’s I have left in NYC,  I feel so accomplished already by everything I have done while being here, in and outside of the office. Every week in the office I learn more and more about JDRF and the hard work and behind the scenes jobs of what JDRF does at the national level. This morning I sat in on a conference call with my supervisor, he’s the Director of Public Relations, for a meeting about having a band and corporate sponsors get together for a live show in the next few weeks. As part of the communications team, we do a lot of PR for the organization, marketing, event planning, celebrity outreach and sponsorship’s. This week I am keeping busy with more projects and final meetings with the Human Resources department for evaluations of my internship experience thus far.

This past weekend, one of my good friends from home came to visit. She flew in from Detroit and I took the subway and then a bus to pick her up from Laguardia Airport Friday night. We went straight to Times Square to check out the city’s most popular and tourist-filled area. If you’re familiar with these new revolutionary “selfie sticks” as they are called (a stick to hold your phone as an extended arm for a wider angel selfie), I have never seen as many people with them as I’ve seen here in NYC. One of which a complete stranger to us, as we were taking pictures in the bleachers under the screens in Times Square, asks us to take a selfie with him. Him and his friend were visiting from Pakistan and exploring the city as we are. This wasn’t from a selfie stick but he insisted we take a picture with him (LOL).


Saturday we started our day at the Rockefeller Center, and enjoyed what I think is now the greatest view of the city from the 69th floor Observation Deck. Surprisingly, there wasn’t too long of a line at about 11am so we went right up. There was an indoor room with a balcony outside, and then we could go up another 2 floors outside to see another spectacular view spot from the very top. We got some great pictures, along with the 1,000’s of people that go there every day. The Rockefeller is located at 5th ave and 50th street, so basically in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. On one side we had a view of Uptown, looking over Central Park and the Upper East and West sides of Manhattan with the Downtown districts behind us with a clear view of the Empire State Building and the Freedom Tower in the distance.


image5 - Copy

We then walked from there towards Central Park and stopped in a few of the notorious stores up 5th Avenue. I had to show her the Apple Store right there as well and then we took a walk around the park and went into the Zoo. As a side note, I do enjoy the zoo and I bet many people do as well but what I am not a fan of is the animals’ man-made habitat that they are forced to live in. I don’t think its very fair to these wild animals, and considering the size of this zoo particularly, we both witnessed some over-crowding in some exhibits and probably not enough space for these large animals like seals, snow leopards, and bears to live in.


By the time we were done exploring this area, it was about time for dinner and after this exhausting day of heat and walking the city, we headed back for a quick recharge before we went over to the Brooklyn Heights pier for dinner at my favorite spot, Shake Shack. I do like the crazy city aspect of Manhattan but what I do really enjoy is this area in Brooklyn with the piers, the views of the Financial District skyline, the night life and probably the more urban orientated city of Brooklyn Heights. We ended up here again last night after we spent the morning and afternoon way up in Harlem, visiting a Keith Haring painted wall and a quick stop in the Upper East Side for more shopping and exploring. After dinner again at the pier, we decided to avoid the sweaty and packed subway ride back to Manhattan and instead we walked the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoyed more great scenes of the city at night.

Hand-painted by Keith Haring in 1987

Hand-painted by Keith Haring in 1987

image11 - Copy

This week should be another busy week in the office and I’m also looking forward for this weekends fishing excursion with my Uncle from Connecticut as we’re gonna sail out into the Atlantic Ocean on his fishing boat. So stay tuned for that and as always thank you for reading and check out the pictures tab for more photos!



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  1. The T1D in NYC · July 27, 2015

    Gonna catch them big ole fishies; yessir indeed


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