2 Months Deep

Happy Friday!

Today I am a little later than posting as I usually do, first thing in the morning. I was busy completing some documents that needed to be completed by this morning, and being the reason why I am here, I like to be caught up before I start my blog posts. This week was another busy week in the office with many documents to be completed regarding JDRF media, specifically from the Children’s Congress. As well as the daily News Document, and the weekly “This Week in MarCom” which highlights what our departments have been working on this week to share internally and posted onto the JDRF intranet.  I had 2 meetings this week with the whole Marketing & Communications department regarding updates that will be implemented throughout JDRF, and our monthly team meeting which we were served lunch and somewhat celebrated the employee birthday’s of July yesterday. I also sent out post-press releases to all the JDRF chapters that had mentioned the Children’s Congress delegates’ and their experience in attending and testifying in front of congressmen.

As you may have heard, my mom was also in town visiting this week which was very nice. I’m so glad she was able to come visit and spend time with me all week. I was starting to get a little home-sick after 2 months of being here, which is probably the longest time I’ve ever been away from home, despite being at school which is only an hour away. Since I know you’re reading this, Mom, I would like to say that you have always been there for me for everything I could imagine and I learn from you everyday and thank you for everything you have done for me. I was sad when we had to say goodbye again but I’m looking forward to being back home in 3 weeks to be with my whole family and friends again. Both of my parents have always been incredibly supportive in everything I do and accomplish and as they say they are proud of me, the feeling is mutual.


“she said let’s take a selfie”

Anyway, it just so happened to be NYC Restaurant Week, which is when a lot of restaurants have a fixed menu for a special price, so we took full advantage of that. I recently have been a huge seafood eater. I guess I’ve taken that from my parents as well. We had our fair share of lobster, and crab this week at a few of the highly mentioned spots in town. Monday, we invited Logan to join us for dinner at City Crab, which was delicious. I won’t go too much into detail about our meals, but we also met my Cousin from Long Island on Tuesday night and were unexpectedly in the middle of a “peaceful protest” in Grand Central Station during Wednesday nights meal. A group of about 30 people were protesting against the ongoing police brutality issue. They held their signs and marched through the station, then laid down on the ground in silence for a while and ended by forming a big circle in the middle of the station yelling their chant.


Yesterday after work I connected with an amateur photographer that I met and we went over to Dumbo, Brooklyn to take some photos at some cliché Brooklyn spots. As I mentioned last post I’m really getting more intrigued by the city’s photography scene, and beginning to learn more about my new hobby I’d say.

Jane's Carousel & Manhattan Bride from Brooklyn Bride Park - Dumbo, Brooklyn

Jane’s Carousel & Manhattan Bride from Brooklyn Bride Park – Dumbo, Brooklyn

Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge

This weekend I have another visitor coming into town for a visit, a close friend. I’ve got lots of sights to see planned out and more touristy things to do of course. As the talk about moving back to school is arising, I can’t say I’ve ever been excited about going to back to school after summer vacation, but this year I am excited to get back into East Lansing and continue my other journey as a Spartan! Although my NYC summer isn’t quite over yet!

But it looks like I’ve got some more work to do before I start my weekend so as always, thank you for following, stay tuned for more posts & check out the pictures tab for photos!



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