Week 8

Seems to me like every weekend has gone by a little faster each time. It’s the start of week 8, with only 4 weeks of my internship left and it doesn’t feel like I’ve been here for 2 months already. Thursday night, I actually ran into a fellow Spartan (MSU student) at an ice cream counter next to my dorm. I was wearing my MSU gym shorts and he asked if I went there too. He was an incoming sophomore and he was actually in a fraternity that I knew some of the guys in from back home. He’s from Chicago, goes to MSU but in NYC for the week and he knew some of my friends from West Bloomfield, small world. Friday after work I continued on my explorations and walked around more of the Financial District (downtown Manhattan) and areas that I haven’t been yet. Since I’ve come here I have been much more intrigued by taking pictures and the NYC photography scene itself. Even at home and around MSU’s campus, I always see people walking with their heads down, looking at the ground as they pass by. I’d rather look up, at the sky, the clouds and being here in the city with the tallest buildings in the country, I love to stand under them, tilt my head back and look straight up to the top. I’m no professional photographer, but even with the camera on my iPhone, I am amazed at how my pictures come out. Take a look for yourself..

image1 (8) image2 (3) image6 image11 (1)

That night I was planing on going to a “famous” apparel store for sneaker-heads like myself in Brooklyn. Logan joined me because it was on the way to his place, and also buffalo wild wings. Unfortunately, when we had thought we arrived at the address there was no store in sight, just an open lot which was a bummer. Luckily, our favorite wings didn’t leave us too upset after all. I’m not a big fan of spice, so I usually get the basic boneless wings, with honey barbecue, honey mustard and Parmesan garlic, which are all on the lower half of the hotness scale on the menu. Logan on the other hand, can’t get enough spice. He got his wings with the blazin’ sauce, which is the hottest sauce they have. It’s almost frowned upon to order it because it’s so hot. I was amazed he finished them, without even dipping them in ranch how most people would.

Saturday I started my day pretty early (10am is early for a weekend) and headed to another “famous” bagel shop I had on my list, Tompkins Square Bagels. It’s located downtown from me in the East Village, so I hopped on the subway and got there in about 10 minutes. As I was approaching the cross-street that it’s at, I saw a long line coming from that direction, hoping it wasn’t the line for the bagels. I wasn’t thinking people loved bagels as much as I do, but here in NYC I guess a good bagel sandwich is a pretty big deal. There had to be at least 50 people waiting outside the shop standing in line. So I had to pass on that this time, but I’ll be back! From there I continued to walk downtown near my favorite area thus far called SoHo, as you may recall from me mentioning it so often. It’s a neat region of the city, with lots of shops of course, a lot of art in the streets, food, and everything a little hipster-city would have. If you’re not familiar with the term “hipster”, feel free to learn more on urban dictionary.

Not to mention this past weekend was definitely the hottest in temperature since I’ve been here. Saturday and Sunday were both 90 degree days, so I was exhausted by 2pm on Saturday and had to stop back in my dorm to cool off and rejuvenate from the heat. I actually took a nap until my parents were blowing up my phone looking for me, because my mom came in to town yesterday! She’s actually here until Thursday on business, but we still got to spend all day Sunday exploring and crossing more things off my list! We started at Katz Delicatessen for breakfast, or brunch as we would call it. The food was good, although I don’t think the corned-beef topped my favorite deli back home in West Bloomfield, the Stage. From there I wanted to show her around the Meat-Packing district, which is also a very cool area. There’s a hotel called the Dream Hotel and I saw online that they had a rooftop pool/lounge, which I’m eager to get in a rooftop pool still. Unfortunately, we needed a room key to get in which was kind of expected but I still got some pictures. On from there, my mom heard about this ferry, called the North River Lobster Company, basically a lobster bar on a boat! We knew we wouldn’t make it in time if we walked, so we took a taxi and made it to the pier right as the boat was taking off. We’re both huge lobster fans as you may know, so we split a lobster roll while enjoying a nice ferry-boat ride in the Hudson River. From the pier we wanted to check out the Museum of Modern Art, which had a Yoko Ono exhibit on display. Her artwork may be a little different from the ordinary displays in the Museum but it was really cool. There were pictures of these short thoughts she had written down and documented which filled an entire room. There was also an Andy Warhol exhibit which was very cool as well. By then it was about 3pm and we had dinner reservations at 7. So I went back to my dorm as she went to her hotel and then I suggested calling an Uber from her hotel to get to the restaurant. Although the subway system does amaze me itself, Uber is such a great way of short transportation and I can’t believe how reliable it actually is to have a stranger pick you up from wherever you are and drive you to your destination, safely. Dinner was delicious as always, at the new Polo Bar location in Midtown, with some unexpected interruptions but that’s a different story.

In the office I’m getting new projects and short tasks to be completed now that main event of the summer, Children’s Congress is over. I am looking forward to this last month as my time here is almost wrapping up, but quite not yet! As always thank you for following me, stay tuned for more posts and check out the pictures tab!



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