Week 7

Good morning everyone!

Today is Monday, July 13th and today kicks off the start of week 7 here at JDRF. As I left off on Friday, I said we were invited to watch the Women’s World Cup Parade from Derek’s office, so we took a short break at 11am to check that out. We had a perfect view from his 14th floor window overlooking the street, Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty in the distance. The parade marched from Battery Park, up Broadway and onto City Hall. This was also what NYC likes to call a ticker-tape parade. This means that people in the surrounding buildings throw shredded paper and what not out the windows over the parade. I’d call it a huge mess, and my good friend/roommate Jud wouldn’t be too happy about all the wasted paper all over the streets, which is very unsustainable and they should’ve recycled it, rather than throwing it all out. I’m more conscious of those things now because of what he showed me this past year as we recycled basically everything possible in our apartment, so shout out to you Judson!

I didn’t have many plans for this weekend, so I basically went with the flow. After work on Friday the other interns, Erika, Aimee and Jennifer told me they were going to my new favorite lobster roll shack, Luke’s Lobster and invited me to come along. Of course I couldn’t resist! After we enjoyed that, someone mentioned this ice cream parlor, that was notorious for ice cream sandwiches just a few blocks uptown from there. So we had to give it a try. I got cookies & cream ice cream sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies, yum. With all of us being T1D, we were each taking a gander at how much we were going to dose for the ice cream. Jennifer and I both have the Omni Pod, so I asked her about a feature that I use for ice cream, pizza, & mostly high sugar and fat content because different foods affect my blood sugar differently. She said she’s never used it because it’s hard to guess, because it’s really trial and error, but I’ve seem to learn how it affects me now. I do an extended bolus, it’s called. Basically, instead of giving myself all the insulin at once, I spread it out over the next few hours. For example, say I had 90g of carbohydrates. I type that in my PDM (personal diabetes manager) and it gives me an amount of insulin to dose based on my Insulin to carb ratio. I then type in 35%, over the next 2 hours. So that gives myself 35% of the insulin right now, then other 65% over the next 2 hours. This helps because it gives more insulin over a longer period of time, to prevent a spike in my blood sugar later on. Doesn’t that make sense?

On Saturday, I went on a little adventure through Harlem, way uptown from where I live. I had found out about a bagel shop that was rated NYC’s #1 bagels, so that was my destination. I arrived at the store, and there was a huge line out the door, almost wrapped around the corner. I got in line anyway, to see what all the hype was about. I waited about 25 minutes, which was pretty quick actually compared to the long line. I ordered an onion bagel toasted, with nova, cream cheese, swiss, lettuce, onion and as always, “no tomato”. Surprisingly, there were probably the same amount of people working in the back, preparing bagels and everything then there were people in line, that’s why it was so quick. I got my bagel, sat down and there was 2 huge slices of tomato on it and no lettuce. This may not seem like a big deal for some people, but as you may know by now, I’m pretty picky about eating. So I went back up to the counter, showed them and repeated what I had ordered, they passed it on down the bagel assembly line and then got it right. Fortunately, it was delicious and I would definitely go back. I’m becoming quite the foodie as my family would agree and I thank my nana for teaching me well. 🙂

image1 (7)image4 (3)

After that, I had planned on checking out Columbia University’s campus because it was near there as well. I walked even more uptown from there about 6 blocks and entered right off the sidewalk into what it seemed to be the center of campus. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Columbia, it being one of the most beautiful campuses in the country, and yes I would have to agree. Even though I do love Michigan State and enjoy being there very much, it would be an absolute dream to attend a University like Columbia and live in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. See for yourself…

image8 (2) image7 (3)image9 (3)

I walked around this main area of campus for a little, and I tried to get into the library but only students are allowed with a Columbia ID. From here, I headed back downtown where I was near the upper left corner of Central Park so I took a walk through the park to get to the subway station I needed to make my way back downtown. I got to the station and after all this walking around, sweating in the practically 90 degree weather it was, I was extremely exhausted already. I had tested my blood at the subway stop and I was low of course. Luckily I always carry juice with me, so I drank that, but I still had nearly 20 minutes to wait for the subway. I felt like I was still dropping even after the juice and didn’t want to get on the subway if I was still low. I suspended my insulin for the time being, waited another 15 minutes, and as the subway arrived I tested again and was back in the 100’s. That made me feel more comfortable to get on the subway to ride 50 blocks downtown before having to get off to transfer. When I got back near my area, I realized that the date was 7/11, which was free slurpee day! Of course, I couldn’t miss that. I grabbed my free 7.11 ounce slurpee and went back to my dorm to cool off some more and rest for a while.

On Sunday, one of my friends from New Jersey, who is also involved in the support groups program that I do was in the city visiting a friend at NYU and her family came along for the ride as well. We usually only get to meet once a year at an annual conference but it was nice to catch up with them while I was here! ;). I spent the rest of the afternoon tuning into Netflix and doing laundry, nothing special. As for this week in the office, the Children’s Congress has started today in D.C. and my supervisor is there with quite a few other employees so it will be a little slow for myself this week but I’m sure I’ll find things to stay occupied. As always, thank you for reading, stay tuned for more posts and check out the pictures tab for more photos!



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