Halfway Point

Hello everyone!

After today, I have just completed my 6th week here at JDRF! Even though it doesn’t feel like this summer in NYC is already half way through, I have had an incredible time so far, as you may have heard. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you probably know what I have been working on these past 6 weeks and this week I have continued on the same projects for the most part. The Children’s Congress is next week, and I am getting all the final preparations in place. We have 9 T1D celebrities that will be at Capitol Hill on behalf of JDRF in which they will be advocating in front of Congressmen alongside the 160 children delegates from all 50 states that have been selected to attend as well. I have been putting together documents for my supervisor as he will be there too. On top of all this, I was assigned to update our contact list for the local JDRF Chapters in each state. So this week I have been calling a good chunk of them and getting the updated board member contacts, as they change every year. I also wrote a pitch letter that I sent out to all the “Mommy Bloggers”, informing them about the Children’s Congress for a possible upcoming blog post. Yesterday, all the interns had the pleasure once again to have lunch with our President and CEO, Derek Rapp. I still think it’s pretty generous of him to set time aside to have lunch with even the interns! As some people may know, the whole deal about the Cross Fit “joke” about drinking Coca-Cola and it’s correlation to T1D has been brought up in the news, and all over social media this past week. Derek asked us what our thoughts are about it and what we think should be a good approach by JDRF to settle the issue. Overall, we had great conversations and well a spent lunch break.

As my life outside the office goes, I continue to explore mostly everyday after work, if it’s not raining. On Wednesday I headed over to Williamsburg to cross some other things off my list, and I stumbled upon the pier which had a beautiful view of the East Side of Manhattan and the Williamsburg Bridge.

image3 (1)

Yesterday after work I went over to the Meat Packing district. The name of this area is pretty condescending because I saw maybe 2 “meat packing” buildings on the edge of the highway. Everything else there are upscale stores, boutiques and restaurants. I explored the High Line, which is an old, raised railroad that stretches along the highway filled with modern art and too many tourists to handle. There was also a really cool modern art/painting museum at the bottom with enormous paintings of Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and statues of splattered painted elephants, horses and Mickey Mouse. I went in to the Apple Store, because it looked really cool. All the Apple Stores in the city are all different type of buildings and have the coolest staircases. I had dinner at a small diner across the street, I sat outside and enjoyed a turkey club with my most common request, “hold the tomato”.

image8 (1) image12

That’s pretty much it for this week. Oh, and the Champions of the Women’s World Cup, Team USA has a parade right outside our building that is about to start so Derek invited us to come watch from his office, because he’s got the best view! As always, thank you for reading and stay tuned for more posts, & check out the pictures tab for more photos!



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