My adventures continue!

Good morning readers!

I can’t believe how fast this summer is going, have you been keeping up with me? Although this week was short in the office, (getting out early today & off tomorrow) that hasn’t stopped us from working hard and getting through the projects we’re working on. The highly anticipated JDRF Children’s Congress is just 2 weeks away and I feel like I really have been a big help to the Communications & Marketing teams getting everything put into place. This week I have been creating new media contact lists for a few more cities that selected delegates are in. I have also been working on my media analysis project in which I am comparing similar non-profits media coverage such as press releases, internal news and social media content. JDRF has also selected one delegate that will be attending the Children’s Congress and covering a story on his journey, so I was asked to come up with a few questions that he’ll be asked. I was also assigned a new task to research “Mommy Bloggers” as what they referred to now. These are moms and dads of either T1D’s or not, but they blog about life and parenting. I just started to write a pitch letter to inform them about the Children’s Congress and I’ll be sending it out to all the bloggers next week. On top of the daily News You Can Use document that I upload to the JDRF intranet, I’m also taking responsibility of the weekly “This Week in Mar/Com” document which we also upload and share with all the other departments to show what our team has been working on in the past week. So anyway, that’s what my days mostly consist of. In between making coffee for myself and checking in with my supervisor on the floor above, I try to keep busy every day and gain as much as I can from this internship.

On the other hand, my adventurous life outside the office has not been slowing down at all! On Tuesday during lunch, I saw that yet another one of my top artists ( a rapper) was in town doing a CD signing because of his new album. He posted on his Instagram that he’ll be at his new Puma sponsored clothing store in SoHo from 5-7pm signing autographs. So as the clock struck 5pm and everyone was leaving the office, (myself being the only fan) I didn’t even think I would make it to the store on time, but that didn’t stop me. I caught the subway to that area and got there at about 5:15. As I arrived on Mercer St. I saw a line of people outside the store anxiously waiting. I tried to hop in the back of the line but security stopped me and said I needed a wristband in order to get a picture and autograph. So yes, I bought the CD in the store, which came with the wristband then got back in line. Only about 150 people were there, so I knew I’d get an autographed CD at least. Surprisingly, after 3 hours of standing in line, in the drizzling rain on and off he finally showed up to the store. Everyone in line got a quick meet & greet, with an autograph of the CD we purchased and a professional picture! Do you know who he is?

Meek Mill (I think I won the awkward handshake award)

Meek Mill, signed by Rick Ross as a member of MMG Music Group and Warner Bros Records. (I think I won the awkward handshake award)

Dreams Worth More Than Money by Meek Mill

Dreams Worth More Than Money by Meek Mill

By the time I got out of the store with my autographed CD, it was already 8:30pm and I still haven’t eaten since lunch. When I was in line for so long I knew I couldn’t get out of line for food or even to use a bathroom. Thinking ahead, I had suspended my insulin on my pump, (stop giving basal rate) so I wouldn’t go low because of not eating for a 7 hour period. I ended up walking about a mile to Luke’s Lobster which I actually planned on going to before I knew about this CD signing. I love lobster, but I’ve never tried a lobster roll before. I knew it is my nana’s favorite so I had to try it! I didn’t know it was a little order at the register, carry-out type deal but I got the famous “A Taste of Maine” which was half a lobster roll, half a crab roll and half a shrimp roll, absolutely delicious!

Yesterday it was our fellow intern Erika’s birthday, so she invited us to join her for lunch at a burger joint near the office. I actually had a lobster mac & cheese appetizer, just can’t seem to get enough! After work I felt like a real New York-er as I picked up my dry cleaning before getting back to my dorm because lately I haven’t had the best luck doing laundry myself.

Today I’m wrapping up my projects for the week and planning out my weekend, trying to pick out the best fireworks display. I think I’m having lake withdrawals as I’m seeing my friends posts back home hanging out on the lake, so I might just have to check out Long Beach this weekend on Long Island. There’s also a hot dog eating contest in Coney Island (an area in Brooklyn, not a hot dog) that I’ll probably check out but not participate in. As always, stay tuned for more posts and check out my pictures tab as I added a bunch, (it’s the drop down menu next to the title of my blog). Thank you for keeping up with me and I hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July weekend festivities as I will too!



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