Are you ready for this?

Once again, good morning from JDRF International!

Before I start today’s post, I want to warn you that this will be a little lengthy because of my series of events this week, but hopefully worth the read and I appreciate everyone’s interest in my blog!

So as far as in the office, every week seems to be getting more hectic! I have more tasks to be completed; I am participating more in meetings and team conference calls, meeting more employees and getting a real feel for the professional workplace. Monday I was assigned a new task in which I would compare other non-profit organizations’ websites, internal news stories, media coverage, broadcasts and all that jazz. On top of my daily task of completing the News You Can Use document for the JDRF intranet, I also was assigned to research news outlets and reach out to them with a press release to cover a story on the celebrities that are attending the Children’s Congress next month. Tuesday was Staff Appreciation day, but even though the 5 interns and I are not quite staff, everyone was very accepting of our presence thus far. We had a great luncheon, with a taco and salad bar, refreshments and even desert!  On Wednesday I had a check-in with the Human Resources team, which went very well I thought. I had to explain what I have been doing since starting my internship, my process of applying for this internship and any accommodations needed. On through Thursday and today I’m continuing my projects.

Now I’ll move on to the exciting stuff. Wednesday was a beautiful day in the city, with blue skies and a temperature of about 85 degrees so I thought I’d skip the dreadfully hot and limited personal space subway commute and walk home. On my way I stopped at Bryant Park and checked that off my list, grabbed a bite to eat at Shake Shack inside the dinning course of Grand Central Station for the 3rd time since being in NYC, (different Shake Shack locations each time) and explored the NY Public Library for a refreshing break of air conditioning. On Thursday, probably the most spontaneous thing to ever happen to me on my lunch break or in life in fact had happened. It was about 11:55 and we were about to grab lunch (eat my pb&j in the café on our floor), and Logan, being the huge Jimmy Fallon fan he is was checking their snapchat story for the weekly VIP ticket giveaway in which they announce a location in NYC that an intern is going to be, and the first two people to find him/her will win the tickets.. Can you guess what happens next? So, as he sees that the intern is going to be at the Staten Island Ferry Station, which happens to be just 3 blocks from the office, he asks me in full excitement “Do you wanna come with me to try and find this intern?!”, and I reply with a sense of no chance of actually winning “I mean, sure”. At this point it’s already a couple minutes past 12pm so I didn’t even think we’d make it on time. But, that didn’t stop us at all. We got off the elevator and literally sprinted down to the insanely busy station, with a slight chance of finding her. We split up and circled 2 laps around the entire perimeter, each shouting “Jimmy Fallon Intern! Tonight show tickets!” Unfortunately, no sign of anyone. At this point it was about 12:15 and we thought we missed them. Suddenly, as we’re standing right outside the middle of the station, catching our breath and sweating through our work attire, we see a girl with a Jimmy Fallon t-shirt walking towards us. We asked her if she’s there for the tickets, thinking she’s just a fan, but she says “I have the tickets, and you guys just won!” We were both in complete shock! She gives us two VIP tickets, wristbands, a letter with procedures, takes our picture, tells us to give her our twitter accounts and minutes later my phone is blowing up with notifications with our picture we just took mentioned by the official Tonight Show account.

Only picture I could take from the VIP lounge

Only picture I could take from the VIP lounge

The Fallon Tonight snapchat

The Fallon Tonight snapchat

Tweet from the official Fallon Tonight Twitter

Tweet from the official Fallon Tonight Twitter

Now, before I explain the next part, a couple weeks ago we actually bought tickets for the NBA draft at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, which was also last night but didn’t start until 7pm. We asked the intern for what show are these tickets for and she says for tonight only, and she needs confirmation we can go before she signs them off to us. We think to ourselves for a minute, NBA draft or Jimmy Fallon live? We told her about the draft but she said we’d have to be in line at the Rockefeller Center at 3:30, the show starts at 5 and only runs until about 6pm, which was perfect!

We rushed back into the office, and we explained to our supervisors what just happen, with hopes of leaving early to catch the show and luckily they had no problem at all! So we took off at about 2:30, stopped at home to change, and met back at Rockefeller. As soon as we got in line, the security guards were extremely firm about no cell phones, cameras or anything allowed upstairs in the lounge or studio so unfortunately I do not have any pictures. Being there was such a cool experience to be in the studio, with Jimmy Fallon, the Roots (his band) all the producers, and everything! We waited for about 45 minutes for him to come out at 5 and the show hosted Mark Wahlberg, Chris Colfer (from Glee), and Morrissey as the musical guest! Unfortunately, Mark Wahlberg was only in NYC for one night, which was Wednesday so we didn’t see him or that part of the show, but overall it was a great show, especially to experience it live. I had a seat in the 3rd row, because of our winning VIP tickets, and during a commercial break, Jimmy came out into the audience for questions so I raised my hand and got to ask him, “How long did it take you to write your new book” He replied with a short pause, some filler words, and replied “Uhm, well, probably.. shorter than this conversation.” The whole audience laughed and my face was frozen in the smiling position after the show because Jimmy was absolutely hilarious!

Oh yeah, then the NBA draft! The Tonight Show ended before 6 o’clock so that gave us time to grab a quick sub from subway, then catch the actual subway from Times Square and make it to the Barclays center right on time for the #1 pick. We originally had upper bowl tickets, but halfway into the first round I, being the more experienced concert/NBA game attendee, I convinced Logan to come with me and try to get as far down as we could to sit. Especially because the stadium had so many open seats in the lower bowl. We made our way down, without anyone stopping us and grabbed seats in the 6th row right in front of all the players, reporters and announcers. The draft was filled with mostly rowdy Knicks fans, a section of Sixers fans, Logan who was probably 1 of 5 Spurs fans and I, most likely the only Pistons fan in the arena but it was a great time and such a cool experience yet again to see something like this live.

image7  image1 (1)

On top of this long, eventful night as I got back to my dorm to test my blood I noticed that my finger poker has fallen apart. Luckily, being an intern with 5 other T1D’s I send out a group message to the interns asking if anyone had an extra that I could use until getting a replacement. Fortunately, Jennifer did have one and brought it for me this morning. Now, I’m thinking to myself if I hadn’t been working here at JDRF I probably would have no chance of getting another pricker from someone, so shout out to Jennifer and thanks for that! 🙂

Today marks the 30th day of being here in NYC and with my internship already more than 1/3rd completed, I couldn’t be more pleased with everything this wonderful city has given me the opportunity to do and on top of the work experience that I am really here for. As always, stay tuned for more posts, check out the pictures tab for more photos of this week and enjoy your weekend, as I most definitely will as well!

If you made it this far, I thank you and appreciate it greatly for reading!



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