Is it Monday already?

Good morning readers!

Today is Monday, June 22 and I am in the office at my desk getting ready for my 4th week here at JDRF. This weekend was very exciting and adventurous to say the least, like all of my weekends have been while being here. After work on Friday, Logan and I thought we’d give the Citi Bikes a try (rental bikes sponsored by Citi to ride around the City, no pun intended). We picked them up right outside the JDRF office, and rode across the Brooklyn Bridge, which was very cool. The only problem was that when renting the bikes for a 24-hour period, you have to check in at another bike rental stop every 30 minutes, or you’ll be charged. So we hauled across the Brooklyn Bridge using our bells on the bike to clear the bike lane, checked in and rode around Brooklyn for a couple hours.

Saturday I tried to sleep in just a little to catch up on my sleep, however the city sirens always seem to keep me from sleeping in too late. After breakfast I explored SoHo for a while, walking around and going into some stores that I had on my NYC list. I used to watch this show called Miami Ink, in which the owner and star of the TV show, Ami James has a tattoo shop in Miami, and now in open in New York as well. The shop used to be called Wooster St. Social Club but they changed the name to Love Hate Social Club, which made it a little confusing for me to find. I walked in and asked if Ami was there, but he is currently in Brazil. Ami was born in Israel and served in the Israeli Army, which is mandatory for all Israeli’s when they turn 18. I thought it’d be cool to talk to him for a moment because I was just in Israel last summer and also met and stayed with Israeli soldiers while I was there. There’s also a tattoo artist who has type 1, Darren, who I also wanted to hopefully meet but unfortunately he wasn’t there either, so I just may have to go back. In the evening, Logan and I met at the Staten Island Ferry, and cruised over to Staten Island. The boat ride was probably the best part because when we got there, we didn’t want to travel too far because it was already about 7pm and we didn’t want to get lost. So we stopped in a local Chinese carry-out for dinner and walked down by the water then got back on ferry to head home.

Sunday I attempted to sleep in again but that never seems to work anymore, even at home or up at school. I’m not mad though, because I want to take full advantage of my time here. Although it was raining all morning, I stayed in my dorm for the majority of the day and tuned into Netflix. At night, the other interns and I had plans to go see this comedy show, featuring Amy Poehler. It was a free show and started at 9:30 so we wanted to get in line early to make sure we got tickets that they handed out at 8:15. So we arrived at the theatre at about 7pm, after a short meal at Potbelly (my suggestion, because I love Potbelly). We got in line but we were definitely near the end. We did get tickets at 8:15, and then everyone in line left and planned on coming back a little before 9 to get back in line. We took an ice cream adventure, and we found Hagaan Dazs in Penn Station which was only a few blocks away.

While waiting in line outside the theatre, I took a walk up closer to look at the line and I noticed a girl standing with a tube coming out of her pocket. “Is that a pump”, I asked myself. I took a double-take and we made eye contact, then she actually asked me “are you diabetic?” She noticed my tattoo as I walked by. We started talking a little bit and she said she noticed all of us standing in line, because I and all of the interns have noticeable insulin pumps. Just another fellow T1D awkward encounter; seems to happen to me more and more. Anyway, we came back at about 9 and stood in the back of the line again. However, the line we got in then was apparently the stand-by line for tickets, which we were not told and neither were the other 100 people in front of us. So the line started to move in the theatre, but about halfway the ticket lady says, “I’m sorry there are no more seats available”.  Pretty bummed, we waited in line for all that but it was a good night anyway, despite the unfortunate timing and rude ticket lady. I went up and asked why we weren’t told to stand in the other line when we had gotten the tickets but she replied, “Just leave”.

I’m starting to work on new projects for the week and looking forward to more adventurous days in New York City, but I am also missing my family and friends back home. This is my first summer I haven’t been on a lake every day, but instead working hard and preparing for my future, which is also pretty important I guess. I hope you enjoy following, and as always check out the pictures tab for photos and stay tuned for more posts!



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