Good morning readers & happy Friday!

Pheww, what a week this has been! But before I go into this week, I thought I’d share what the other interns and I have been working on in the studio. To watch the videos that our IT intern, Erika has filmed, edited and posted last Friday, click here!

Anyway, this week I continued to reach out to different outlets (newspapers, magazines, broadcasters) in order to send a pre-written press release to cover the local JDRF Chapter delegate’s story on their journey to the 2015 Children’s Congress in Washington D.C. next month. I have also been writing/editing letters that my supervisor will send out and sharing my ideas on many different projects that we work on. Meanwhile, on Wednesday I was invited to my first “official” meeting with the Communications team including my supervisor, his boss, and everyone in between to discuss our weekly updates and progress on all of our tasks. On Thursday, the other interns and I were treated to lunch during a Marketing/Communications team meeting, which went well. I am also listening in on conference calls, learning new things every day, and experiencing how JDRF operates and what everyone here at the corporate offices does to help JDRF as a nonprofit organization.

As far as outside of the office goes, on Monday while on my lunch break I saw that one of my favorite rappers, Juicy J, was in town and had a concert at the Irving Plaza at 7pm. I had asked Logan if he was interested in going with me, but he is not much of a fan so he respectfully declined my invitation. I really wanted to go and especially at a small venue only 5 blocks from my dorm, I couldn’t resist. So I bought a ticket, and went to a concert by myself, which was a first. The show started at 7, so I had gotten permission to leave the office a little early. I met some people standing in line, who were also huge fans like myself and ended up getting a front row standing space for all of us. It was a great show, and I’m glad I went. Here’s a picture of Juicy, so you can really see how close I was.


On Tuesday, I went over to Brooklyn and enjoyed a phenomenal cheeseburger & fries at Shake Shack with Logan. I normally prefer sliders over big burgers, but it was delicious!


After dinner, we walked around the pier and the sporting complex and played some soccer on the field, with a beautiful view of the Financial District skyline behind us. Again, on Wednesday I started the day working on the “News You Can Use” and posted it to the JDRF intranet. I have never been much of a daily news reader, but with this assignment the news I read through is mostly all about type 1 diabetes work, local fundraising, community news, blogs, and JDRF involvement, so I like that I’m always up to date on the most recent technology, events, and local/community news. Wednesday night after work, I crossed off a few more attractions on my NYC list which included the Apple Store on 5th Ave, Trump Tower, and Barney’s New York.

thumb_IMG_3825_1024 thumb_IMG_3832_1024

Yesterday, the other interns and I were invited to the JDRF New York Chapter office to participate in a panel discussion in which the main topic was, “transitioning into college, dealing with type 1 diabetes”. Although we had thought it was going to be more of a formal question/answer discussion, when we arrived there was only 2 families with younger children, one of which the mom was a student currently in med school, on the way to becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and one other mother who has a son that had just finished his freshman year at college. She had the most questions, and I felt that we helped her worries, for the most part. I always enjoy just talking about type 1 diabetes with other people that are going through the same experiences, trying to be a helping hand with parents as well. Having to deal with diabetes on a day to day basis for the past 10 years, I feel I have learned what tends to work for myself. Although everyone is different, and diabetes may have slightly different effects on other people, for the most part we all have the same daily occurrences and I like to share what works for me and learn from other T1D’s as well.

As I’m finishing up my work for the week, and planning things to do this weekend, I just want to say again I am so incredibly thankful to be working at JDRF this summer and all the things I have been able to do while I’m here. As always, I hope you enjoy reading my posts and stay tuned next week for more!



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