3 weeks in NYC & loving every minute!

Good morning readers!.. (followers, mom & the rest of my family, interns, facebook/linkedin/twitter friends & fellow T1D’s) As my 3rd week begins in the office, I’m starting to work on many projects to help my supervisor and the rest of the Communications team here at JDRF. Every morning when I get to work, I start working on a daily update of today’s news involving JDRF, type 1 diabetes, and all of the relevant stories. I put together a document that we like to call “News You Can Use” that I post to the JDRF Intranet every day before 2pm (our internal network). This week I will also continue to reach out to each city that has a JDRF Children’s Congress Delegate and pitch a press release to reporters, editors, & outlets of local news for each city. For more information about this years Children’s Congress check out the website, http://www.cc.jdrf.org. On top of joining in on meetings, conference calls and making mocha’s, this is what my daily schedule consists of.

Every week here in New York City seems to be getting better on better, even in the office! However, this past weekend was definitely a weekend I will never forget. Friday night was an average night in the city, walking around, exploring, window shopping and showing my friends Logan and Erika around my neighborhood in Manhattan, also known as the Flatiron District. Erika had mentioned to us that she was going to Barnes & Noble a couple blocks from my dorm for Jimmy Fallon’s book signing in the morning. Meanwhile, Logan and I had been trying to get tickets to see his show since the first day we arrived in NYC but unfortunately the whole summer is sold out already. So, we decided to join Erika in the morning and see what the deal was. They woke up earlier than I did and texted me at about 8:30am (which woke me up), saying they are in front of the line about to walk in. Right then I was thinking to myself, well if they are already there, I’d have to still wait in line, and maybe get a chance to get his book signed. However, I still wanted to see what the deal was so without showering I ran out the door, stopped in the cafe at the corner, grabbed a bagel and rode my longboard about 12 blocks uptown. As I approached the doors to Barnes & Noble there was no line, (surprisingly) I bought the book and went upstairs. I saw Logan and Erika in the 3rd row sitting down, and there just so happen to be 1 empty seat on the end in the 4th row, so I took a seat and we waited for 2 hours for Jimmy to come out. Long story short, everyone in the room ended up meeting Jimmy Fallon personally, I shook his hand, he signed the book, and the security guard kicked me off stage before I could say another word. Well worth it!

The rest of the day we hung out at Central Park, tossing a football, playing soccer & Frisbee during the beautiful afternoon. For dinner, Logan and I met up at the Brooklyn Pier once again and enjoyed the famous Grimaldi’s Pizza and ended the night a little earlier because I wanted to rest up for my Sunday adventure. One of my older cousins, Randy lives on Long Island and told me when I moved out here that he had a friend who is a pilot and can take us flying for a day, so that’s what we did! I took the train from Penn. Station to Long Island and we drove out to the airport ready to take flight. Although I’ve been on many commercial size planes, one my top things to do in my lifetime just so happens to be to fly in a 3-4 passenger plane no matter where we go. So yes, my dream came true as we flew all around Long Island, down to New Jersey, and back over Manhattan. This was the flight of a lifetime and it was such a cool experience that I had the opportunity to do while I was here. I actually learned a lot as well, about flying, being a pilot and what it entails, the communication that is needed to be in the air and all sorts of interesting things that I never knew. We were in the air for about 1 hour and 45 minutes, and we landed once in New Jersey at the smallest airport I’ve ever been to. I took a ton of pictures that I will post in the pictures tab of my blog so check those out too! As always, stay tuned for more posts as I’ve got more work to get done. I hope you enjoy readying my blog and feel free to share!

Signing off, Tyler


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