First official weekend & week 2 at JDRF

Good morning from 26 Broadway!

It’s Tuesday, June 9th, and my 2nd week of work here at JDRF has begun! This past weekend was pretty filled as my tourist life continued. Before I came out to NYC, I made a list of all the things I wanted to do while being here, which mostly included touristy attractions, stores and restaurants to dine at. On Friday night, Logan (friend/cubicle neighbor) and I explored the meat packing district (surprised to see no meat factories), but we went to the High Line Museum which was interesting to say the least. Although, I feel there was more hype about the 8th floor observatory than how the view actually was, as we stepped out onto the platform. Overall though, it was well worth the free attraction!

Saturday I took a personal tour through the Upper East Side, and wandered into a couple of stores like Bloomingdale’s and had a late lunch at Serendipity 3 (both on my NYC list of places to go). In the office, as I am venturing to drink coffee, I thought I’d try their “famous” mochaccino, which was more coffee flavored than expected but it was good on top of my mid-day cheddar & bacon omelette. At night, I met up with Logan again on his side of Brooklyn and explored the pier, which was full of beautiful views of the Brooklyn Bridge and many, many time-lapse photographers as the sun set beyond the Financial District over the East River. On Sunday, I woke up and attempted to do laundry for the first time in my building. I had to call my mom because I wasn’t sure where to throw in the individual soap packages that we had bought, because the directions on the washer was a bit confusing to me, but like always she knew what to do, thanks mom :). Later on, I spent the majority of the day around the famous 5th avenue, again window shopping as I love to do. As the evening came quick in this fast pace city, Logan invited me over to watch the NBA Finals game 2, (because I don’t have a TV in my dorm) and was glad to see King James come off on top.

Monday morning was a beautiful day in Manhattan, once again my daily morning to catch the subway to work was jam-packed as always. Although, I now understand the “hold your backpack in front of you” subconscious rule to avoid hitting people and creating more space for even more passengers to avoid my personal space. Me, being amongst the younger crowd on the subway going to work, I do get some “looks” upon the other older businessmen as I get off at my stop at Wall St. with the big boys. As I arrived to the office yesterday morning, I was eager to finally meet my supervisor, as he was fresh off the cruise ship and survived the Bermuda Triangle last week. Soon after we had a formal introduction I was quickly diving into projects that he had planned out for me to tackle, which I am proud to be working on things that are as important as these tasks are to the Communications team here at JDRF. Yesterday we had such nice weather around lunch time, the other interns and I chose to take our daily post-lunch walk around Battery Park just a block from the office. Again, getting caught in the street performers stunt act, I can practically say their chant with them because I’ve seen them everywhere, as it goes, “Obama wants change, but we want twenties!”, then us interns disperse quickly before they come around with their bags.

As this week goes on, we are treated to see the New York Mets vs. San Francisco Giants game this evening after work, which we’ll be leaving right from the office. As always, stay tuned for more of my adventures as this week continues and check out more pictures from this past week!


Just a block from Logan's apartment, the Brooklyn Pier overlooking the East River

Just a block from Logan’s apartment, the Brooklyn Pier overlooking the East River

"Good spot for a selfie?"

“Good spot for a selfie?”

Few of the time-lapse photographers claiming their territory at the Pier

Few of the time-lapse photographers claiming their territory at the Pier

The Brooklyn Bridge lit up just after sunset

The Brooklyn Bridge lit up just after sunset

Spotted my dream car on 5th ave Sunday afternoon

Spotted my dream car on 5th ave Sunday afternoon

Logan's home-made gourmet meal during the NBA finals game 2

Logan’s home-made gourmet meal during the NBA finals game 2


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    Love it! Thanks for the shout out👍😜

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