Prior to my move to New York City

Prior to moving out to New York City, I had the opportunity to attend the national Students with Diabetes conference in Tampa, Florida over Memorial Weekend. Former Miss America, Nicole Johnson created SWD shortly after she was diagnosed as an adult, in the hopes to connect college students all over the country with other students that are living and dealing on a day to day basis with the same encounters. I also invited a close friend, and newly diagnosed T1D to join me at the conference, which actually turned out to be a short, but extended vacation in Tampa, which we stayed with my aunt and uncle the night before the conference. The conference held over 150 young people (approx. 18-35) all having T1D or what they like to call, Type 3’s or siblings/relatives/loved ones of T1D’s. I got assigned a roommate, Logan who is also interning with me at JDRF, which we already became good friends. It was such an eye-opening experience to meet and share stories with people who are all dealing with the same things that I am. The first night we had a group welcome dinner, followed by an exclusive performance by American Idol runner up, Crystal Bowersox, who also has T1D and is a spokesperson for JDRF. The following days were filled with informative break-out sessions with numerous guest speakers, professionals, doctors, and even American Ninja Warrior Kyle Cochran. The last night of the conference ended with a dinner cruise as we set sail into the Tampa Bay, filled with a buffet style dinner, karaoke and an eventful evening at the hotel pool. It was quite a weekend to remember, and I’m looking forward to attending many more in the upcoming years, as the attendance is expected to grow!

SWD friends on the Calypso Dinner Cruise

SWD friends on the Calypso Dinner Cruise

Tanner, Amanda and I

Tanner, Amanda and I

Crystal Bowersox preforming live!

Crystal Bowersox preforming live!


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